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About me

My name is Cas Dijkman. I am a software developer from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I graduated from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS)

While studying at the AUAS, I followed the Software Engineering track. During this time, I learned about many topics within the field of software engineering. Among others, front-end development, back-end development, security and databases.

The AUAS puts emphasis on learning in practice, rather than exclusively in theory. In this spirit, students collaborate to find practical solutions for local businesses. The aim is to develop software products that the companies can use in their daily operations.

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C4S [c force] is a functional CSS library for front-end web development. C4S stands for Concise Configurable Composable Classes Stylesheets.

C4S nullifies the need to write ever-expanding custom CSS files. Simply drop in the ready-to-go styles, and start writing HTML. You can custom design your entire website without ever having to touch a CSS file.

Sounds too good to be true? Try it for yourself! The source code to C4S is publicly available and is distributed under a free software licence, the GNU GPL. For more information check out the official website or C4S on Github


sent-web is a presentation tool for web browsers based on the suckless utility sent

With sent-web, you can easily transform a plaintext document to a full-fledged presentation.

Features include:

  • ➖ Minimal design, blazing fast performance
  • 🖼️ Pictures or videos from local or online sources
  • ⌨️ Navigate with mouse, keyboard or presentation clicker
  • ⬇️ Export for rehosting or local use
  • 📄 Print your presentation on paper as hand-outs

Quote Maker

Simple quote image maker


  • Add quote text
  • Add attribution (e.g. author, year)
  • Add picture, optionally mirror horizontally
  • Download quote as PNG image

Mindmap Maker

Simple mindmap image maker


  • Easily add mindmap nodes
  • Modify dimensions and reposition nodes visually
  • Save mindmap text for later use
  • Copy mindmap text to clipboard
  • Download mindmap as PNG image

QR tools

QR code encoder/decoder


  • Generate and save QR code as PNG image
  • Read QR code from camera input

Planned features:

  • Read QR code from image saved on disk
  • Generate multiple QR codes if input is too big for one

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